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StaticSiteGenerator (SSG)

StaticSiteGenerator (SSG) is a "static site generator". Made in F# and open source. It glues different libraries together forming a simple and flexible tool for generating web sites.

It can be used to generate documentation web sites, run blogs, wiki's etc.

SSG generates html files from markup files. It allows different markup languages for defining articles/documents - and allows for post processing/wrapping using the mvc razor template engine.

Point SSG at a directory and it will:


Get started

Here are two different ideas on how to get started...

Play around with this site

The easiest way is just download the zip file, and start modifying the default template. The default template is this site, exemplifying and documenting the features of SSG.

After downloading the site unzip it in a folder. Start a cmd.exe as admin (needed to start build in web server) and run the following command:


Start a browser and load the following uri http://localhost/index.html, and you should see this site.

Now you can start modifying files and see what happens.

Make your own site

Download and unpack the zip file with SSG - you only need the content of the "bin" folder which contains the SSG binaries.

Create an "input" folder where you will put your articles/markup documents.

Create a few markup documents and then run static site generator:

StaticSiteGenerator.exe -i <your input folder> -o <output folder> 

You should now have generated a static web site. Now you can start playing with applying custom razor templates. You can also continue modifying your files. Then I would suggest you using the command (as administrator):

StaticSiteGenerator.exe -i <your input folder> -o <output folder> -s -m 

Which will start the build in web server and monitor your input folder for changes. When changes are detected, the site is regenerated.

The inner workings of SSG

Its all about three concepts and a simple generation workflow. The concepts are markup files, the meta information, and the razor templates and page model.

And the generation workflow is:

Command line parameters

-input {source path}Input folder, location of markup files
-output {destination path}Output folder. Where to drop generated files
-defaultpage {default page name}Default page name, defaults to index.html
-extension {destination file extension}Default file extension for output files, defaults to html
-prefix {absolute-url-prefix}What to prefix the relative url with. Default value: "/"
-monitorMonitor folder for change, and regerate site on change
-serveStart build in web server
-port {port}Port for default web server. Default value: 80


Use as you see fit. You're welcome to share your changes with me.

Sources can be found here:


This small piece of software is standing on the shoulders of other libraries:

Razor engine wrapper:





Reactive Extensions:

Suave Web Server:


Further questions check the QA.